This is what I do.


Currently I’m the Platforms Lead at Pollpass which is a research divsion at Global Web Index. At Pollpass we’re researching & building a new kind of user panel. My job is further Pollpass by pioneering new platforms that haven’t been tapped before based on technical research.


Before joining GWI I was the lead iOS engineer at Databox. Databox is a new era business intelligence platform with heavy emphasis on real-time performance tracking and insights. I was in charge of building out the iOS app from scratch and have it running at scale with real-time updates and complex graph hierarchies. Soon after we hired some more mobile developers and I was overseeing a small team of engineers.

Game Dev

I’m fluent with the Unity game engine and am currently developing a 3D shoot em up tanks game. You can find more progress about it on my Blog.

iOS development studio

I’m in the process of establishing an independent iOS development studio for high end premium iOS apps. More on that will follow soon.